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Green Grass Paint and Turf Spray Equipment

SpecLawn Solutions
is the leading distributor of non- toxic, lawn paint to turn discolored grass into lush,     green lawns. With our Green Grass Paint, you can save money, and save water while preserving natural resources.

               Oregon State preparing the field with "Boise" Blue!

SpecLawn Solutions LogoWhether you are facing water restrictions, have a lack of rain or have brown spots due to pet urine that is staining the grass, SpecLawn's Grass Paint is a simple solution to beautifying your lawn.

SpecLawn's Grass Paint is available in a concentrate solution
. Our grass dye can be used to cover grass in the dormant season or for year-round lawn painting. Unlike similar products on the market, Our Grass Paint is formulated with a pigment based solution, not a dye, ensuring it will hold its color longer and fade more naturally than traditional dye based turf dye's. Lawn painting is growing like wildfire around the country!
Not only do we sell grass paint, we have a great referral network of        grass paint contractors we are proud to refer to homeowners who are      looking to hire a professional lawn painter to color their grass. We will    be adding spray equipment to our product line soon, as well as many other amazing products geared     toward grass painting companies     and homeowners to do it themselves.

From homeowners to grass painting business, SpecLawn Solutions serves an array of customers with superior products and usage guidance. We    are here for you every step of the     way to ensure your complete satisfaction with our products.     Contact us and transform your lawn today!

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 • Turn your discolored grass GREEN!
 • Save you Water, Time and Money.
 • Provide World Wide Service.
Puerto Rico distribution center is now open!
 • Teach you grass painting success thru GRASS PAINTING 101.

Recent news:
Oregon State University paints football field blue! This painting project was done in a two step process: the first coat was painted white, and then the blue was painted on top of the white. This allowed for good coverage with just one coat of blue paint. It was a pleasure with working on OSU and this fun project!

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